Steven broadcasting live from the NEW OneStream Studio

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I have been a OneStreamer for a while now, and they consistently impress with the quality of the software.
With the addition of the OneStream Studio, we now have the complete package for live streaming to our favourite social destinations and websites.
The Studio is the culmination of a journey which started with scheduling pre-recorded video as live.
We go live to tell our stories, to educate, entertain and inform. OneStream Studio contains all the resources we need to tell our stories effectively.
The video quality is excellent, broadcasting in 720 or 1080p, and the image is crisp and clear. Video feeds can be enhanced by the green screen software or blurred to good effect. Excellent audio quality is essential in our broadcasting; OneStream Studio provides echo cancellation. gain control and noise suppression as standard.
To assist in telling our stories, we can use images and videos in the OneStream Studio. These can be pre-loaded and shown on screen at any point of the broadcasts.
The Studio can be fully customised using pre-loaded countdown reels, intermission screens and background music. In addition, we can set logos and add overlays and backgrounds. There is an extensive library to choose from, or we can add our own. We can also share media from our desktop or browser.
Inviting and adding guests is straightforward; scheduling broadcasts allows us to plan and promote in advance.
I instantly felt at home and comfortable in the OneStream Studio; broadcasting is enjoyable and stress-free. The studio layout is intuitive, easy to use and very powerful.
We can enjoy telling our stories live, secure in the knowledge that OneStream is taking care of everything and providing first-class responsive support.
OneStream now provides an elegant, easy-to-use system, a powerhouse for live broadcasting. Broadcasting from the OneStream Studio to 40 destinations and websites with OneStream is the best complete live streaming solution

You can sign up for OneStream here

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