Be.Live is the most powerful live broadcasting system for marketing

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Broadcasting on BeLive Episode 01

The first in a regular series about using live video for marketing.
Be.Live is the most powerful live broadcasting system for marketing.
I broadcast every weekday on using Be.Live, telling stories about the items in my carousel and earning income on every broadcast.
In this series of shows, I will explain how we can all benefit from using Be.Live to broadcast and sell.

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Tech Note

The video is hosted on Screencast-o-matic.

The embedded player can embed calls to action in the replay.


Visualize and create your video with ease

Start with a storyboard or a script, then easily toggle back and forth as you build your story. Add sections, drag and drop to rearrange them, and easily add or record content right in your story. Add notes for planning, type or import a script, then turn your script into captions automatically.

Manage and share content through intuitive video and image hosting

Upload videos and images directly to the hosting platform, or from any of our apps. Define or edit existing metadata.
Organize your content into playlist channels by topic or course.
Password protect videos or restrict viewing to your team.
Search your content library and organize with preset filters.
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