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Live Broadcasting

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When we are live broadcasting from BeLive  and OneStream.Live , the video will appear in the OneStream HTML 5 Video player below,

I broadcast every weekday on Amazon Live 

The live video is streamed from OBS via RTMP to the server at Onestream.  Onestream supply the live video player you see above.


The live video is streamed from via RTMP  to the server at Onstream.

Live Broadcast from Mobile to the website

Going Live with Switchboard
I am testing multicasting and broadcasting recorded video to social destinations and to websites
Today I am live on mobile broadcasting to Switchboard Live to Facebook. Youtube and Twitter.
I am also live on my website Web Talks Live using the OneStream Live
HTML 5 Web player.
Until now this has been expensive, so I am testing the leading Content Delivery Networks to discover more about them and how they can help us reach larger audiences.

Going Live on Your Website, replay hosted on Youtube

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