Live Broadcasting

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When we are live broadcasting using OneStream.Live , the video will appear in the OneStream HTML 5 Video player below,

I broadcast every weekday on Amazon Live 

My shows are at 9 am EST and 11 am EST on weekdays

The live video is streamed using the server at Onestream.LIve .  Onestream supply the live video player you see above.

The latest show on Amazon Live

Live Broadcast from Mobile to the website

Going Live with Switchboard.Live 
I am testing multicasting and broadcasting recorded video to social destinations and to websites. Today I am live on mobile broadcasting to Switchboard Live to Facebook. Youtube and Twitter.
I am also live on my website Web Talks Live using the OneStream Live
HTML 5 Web player.
Until now this has been expensive, so I am testing the leading Content Delivery Networks to discover more about them and how they can help us reach larger audiences.

Going Live on Your Website, replay hosted on Youtube

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